My Name is Eleanor - A Bannerman Island Adventure
Greg and Jill are assigned a treasure hunt as part of their class project on mysterious Bannerman Island.
Along the way, they encounter a most unusual woman.  Is she real?  Is she magical? Will anyone believe them?  The ruins of castles provide a looming, almost eerie backdrop for this piece of children's historical fiction.
For "children" 8 to 80.  120 + pages.  Beautifully illustrated.
All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Bannerman Castle Trust.

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Bannerman For generations, boaters and train passengers have been mystified by the sight of castlelike structures  looming on  a small island in the Hudson River. Bannerman Castle unveils the history of this site: arsenals built to resemble Scottish castles.  Today it is a major tourist attraction in the mid-Hudson valley offeriung not only history tours but various forms of live entertainment.  (Arcadia Publishing) 127 pages
(Net profits go to the Bannerman Castle Trust)
LAPNYC While Coney Island is an iconic symbol of turn-of-the-century New York amusement parks, many others thrilled the resdients of the five boroughs.  Each park was influenced by the culture and eclectic tastes of its owners and patrons. Nine amusement parks are highlighted.
Includes 28 color images. (The History Press) 121 pages
Palisades Most people in the New York City metropolitan area are familiar with Bear Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park.  But many don't realize that the  Palisades Interstate Park encompasses much more than those two jewels.  The authors provide a historical overview of this most remarkable park system. (Arcadia publishing) 127 pages Lost This is the story of towns located in New York's Hudson River valley that met their demise almost as quickly as they were established. Roseton, the Ashokan Reservoir towns, Camp Shanks, Shanks Village and Rockland Lake  were thriving settlements at one time only to be replaced by the likes of power plants, reservoirs, and housing developments.
(The History Press) 160 pages
Lost Amusement Parks of the Hudson Valley Starting around the turn of the twentieth century, amusement parks began dotting the map along the Hudson valley.
These parks created a recreational outlet not only for valley residents but also for the burgeoning population of New York City.  Now largely forgotten, they entertained millions  for several generations.
Amazon Create Space  177 pages